Friday, 15 May 2009

i'm back...

it's been awhile since the last time i updated my blog. it's because i do not have the time and my schedule was really crazy but lately it seems like i have all the time in the world. i don't have so much flights as before which leaves me more time for 'me' =D so from now on, i'll be updating my blog more often.

Monday, 23 June 2008


being back in kuching is great. i forgot hows it feel to justchill at home. i dont have much things to do but just being home is just wonderful...

anyway yesterday a group of friends of mine and i woke up at 4smth in the morning just to go down to the beach and have some photo shoot. it was a mixture of fun, excitement and also it is tiring. thanks to phil's cousin shen han and his friend who is most willing to be there to take pictures of us before phil leaves...thank you =) apparently i met shen han a few years back when i followed a friend to a church camp and after a few years i met him again and he is phil's cousin, how ironic. well he is a professional photographer and i just cant wait to see the pictures that we took. when phil send me the pics then only i'll upload it in here..

i never know that doing this will be this tiring...what an experience.k im going to bed now..

Saturday, 14 June 2008

its been awhile...

it has been awhile that ive not update my blog. going through what i've wrote back then really makes me think that goodness me i've really grown.

just awhile ago i read what i wrote before which is my previous post. goodness me those post that i posted really made me smile. i smiled not because it was funny or anything but it brought back memories. i didnt realise that i have changed so much.before i got this job i thought that i was strong as a person who makes good decision and most of all i thought i was really matured but only now that i realise that it is not true. the pictures that was taken few months back says it all. i look so young and naive. goodness me, and i always thought that i was mature. well i guess there is alot that i have to find out about myself.

i wont say that i have fully grown but i kinda enjoy being a 22 year old, or sometimes i even act like as if i am still in my teens. but of cos when i put on my uniform i do not act such ways.putting on my uniform somehows allow me to wear a mask which is totally not me, or i guess it just comes with the job =)

it was just the other that a collegue of mine telling me that i can never date an older guy cos i am being so immature. that line made me smile. im not ashame to be one cos i feel that if it makes me happy, why not? it doesnt bring any harm so i guess its ok for me to continue doing so =p but to be honest it just comes naturally. i guess i'll just let myself grown slowly as time passes by. there's always time for everything

Thursday, 25 October 2007


its just to let u guys know this sunday i'll start fly to jb and denpasar and i'll be flying to kch this monday.hehe miss home la but i will only be there on duty =D i wont be going back to kch for the pot u guys enjoy.take care and god bless.hugs

Saturday, 13 October 2007


im done with all my exams n left less then 2 weeks of that i got my uniform and my flying pass im an official F.A now LOL! am so glad that its over.i'll be flying end of this excited all those sleepless nite are over! hope to make it for the pot luck tho but i dare not say if i can make it or not cos scared later my flying falls on the same day as our pot i'll just keep my fingers cross so i can make it =D

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

hari raya

selamat hari raya to those who are not sure if i can go back due to the over book air have fun and enjoy ur festive season.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


everyweek we will have to sit for exam and this exam is really giving me alot of tension. i cant stand it la. dahlah we are not allowed to resit the exam for more than 3 times.goodness me, when i was having my exam during my college days also not that hard.since i'll have to sit for my exam tomorrow and i dont think my head can accept anymore i decide to blog instead but then i'll have to continue again. having exam is not so bad but its the time that is killing me. i dont have enough time to store all that is needed into my head.soon i'll have to memorize 6 pages of wordings and i have to remember all of the words that is content in the paper. *sigh* 'tension giler ni' phrases that is used everyday by my collegeu.seriously i think i m having this tension. guys pray for me. hopefully i can do it.